Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Belize Breeze, songs about us

A Mama calls her baby in the back orchard
It's a very quiet, foggy morning - going to be hot today. The monkeys are on the back 100 gorging on mangos. Can't say I blame them, we're doing the same down here riverside! The rainy season is starting off with a bang. We have had some truly torrential rains. The river is running high and brown and the forest dripping and vibrant green. Mangos falling everywhere. I love this time of year. This is the best time to catch a trail-cam picture of the game feeding in the orchards as well. The night shots are infrared. Tapir are common at night back there. We've had at least one baby born here a couple of years ago. You have to wonder how that happens as male and female never show up on the same night!

clockwise from left: Doktah D, Paul Flores, Sam Harris,
 and Santos Dominguez
But the BIG news is that Belize Breeze is up and running and available at, as well as at all your favorite download and streaming sites. Twelve songs all about Belize and Belizeans offered in a wide variety of styles and moods. The overall mood, however is informal and fun. A couple of backup singers (Sam Harris and Karissa Alvarez) bring a new sound and feel to these songs that I think you'll enjoy. I certainly intend bringing them back for the next two albums. The songs are a mix, including songs about Belize and the Belizean experience, songs about expats in Belize, and even a song about Belizean expats in the U. S. In order they are: Sweet Belize, Belikin For Breakfast, Blue Belize, The Hidin' Expat Blues, Kriol Gyal, Maya Mountain Moon, Bayman In L.A., Mr. Mike's Blues, Belize Breeze, Another One Barrel Morning - Again!, On The Old Belize, and Beefwum Boogie. Buy and enjoy!

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