Sunday, 4 June 2017

Home Again!

Home again, Home again, Home at last!

Well, it's been a month since I was last with you here. After a trip North to be poked, prodded, and stuck, pronounced fit and regurgitated back home to Belize, I'm ready for back-a-bush life! How nice to wake up to the bawling of howler monkeys again. OK, it was 4am so not that great, but still...... It's still dry here but the rains are coming now. A good rain yesterday and another storm is approaching as I write this. The return of the rains is such sweet relief from the harshness of the dry season. Mangoes are ripening, a few already ready to pick, The Bolivian Mangosteens are ready as well. A lot of birds are still nesting so not so much morning mating mayhem but babies will be out and about soon, Let's start you off this month with a picture of a tom Occulted Turkey. This is our local native turkey and it's getting pretty rare but we have a flock of about 15 that frequents the back 100. Someday I'll surprise one with his fan up! Right now though, lets meet the final member of the Doktah D recording team.

Paul Alvarez (aka Flores) is a drummer and gifted keyboardist that has played with many bands over the years. He has represented Belize playing in Taiwan, Mexico, and The United States. He is currently playing with Sam Harris' World Culture Band and his church gospel group. While his rhythmic and keyboard skills are an important addition to the "Doktah D" sound, He is most in evidence as the entire studio tech team all by himself. He cut his studio teeth with15 years working at Belize Music. He records, he critiques and tweaks, he mixes and he masters. Its all him. He works out of Studio A in Belmopan, Belize which is owned by Paul and his wife, Karissa. Like Sam and Santos, there could be no replacing Paul without a major change in sound. And we don't want to do that! We like the sound we're getting. Here's a shot of Paul at work in Studio A.

So, the rain has started. At least we can replenish the cistern. The solar system has been malfunctioning ever since we got home. Our friend Silvan came out to help but it looks like the problem may be a bad cell in one of the batteries. Super bad if if so, They run about $900US apiece. We're hoping the batteries level out with resumed use. Fingers all crossed. No fridge and return to kerosine is nostalgic, but..........

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