Sunday, 23 April 2017

the good, the bad and the beautiful

Well, it was a kind of "good news, bad news" morning. The good news was the, from early, screeching of the Chachalacas and Parrots with the underlying steady rhythm of croaking Toucans. That was also, however, the bad news. Terry threw one of her famous parties last night and I drank maybe just a little too much red wine and for sure dirty danced little bit more than an aging spine really should do. I could have done without Mommy Nature's good morning wake up calls just this once! Still and all, I live and it's all good.
Today's picture is of a Green Vine Snake we happened into down by the shore Friday when we went down for a cooling dip and a beer. As you can see, it knows I'm there and is trying very hard to look like a leaf. Although this is a big snake, going on 7ft. I'd guess, the head is shaped to mimic a leaf and we would have missed it if Toshi had not noticed a great loop of the body in the brush. Oxybelis fulgidus (tie-tie snake in Creole) feeds mainly on small lizards, frogs, birds, and occasional small mammals. it is rear-fanged and mildly toxic to humans. So much for the sublime, on to the ridiculous!

The CD, Bittersweet Dreams, started life as an attempt to leave something more than just "stuff" to my daughter and grandchildren. There is nothing more uncomfortably revealing of the inner self than one's poetry. Still and all, being old and soon enough dead, I figured I wouldn't really have to endure the discomfort all that long. So, the first thing to know is that these are not a kid's songs. They were written from around the age of 40 or so to just months ago. The idea of actually selling the songs came from Sam Harris. I had hired Sam to help me arrange and record the music. But after our first song was recorded (Another One Barrel Morning), Sam played it around for friends in the business and the feeling was that we could do something more with the music than lay it out on a casket as a legacy. So, we had already brought in Santos, my former performance partner, we then brought in Paul Flores of Studio A in Belmopan. I picked out 9 more songs and we were off to the races! Here's the original of the picture that became the CD cover. next up, a closer look at the songs and the team.

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